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Thu 28 November 2019

Project: GCP Deep Dive

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This project is a "Deep Dive": In a Deep Dive project I'll be investigating as much about the subject as time allows and assembling the posts in some orderly fashion. I'll also be writing high-level notes and opinions in the project page itself.

In this project I'll be trying out each of the Google Cloud Platform's services. I'll be updating it pretty regularly.

Table of contents:

Project Posts & Progress

This project includes, or will include, the following posts. If any aren't finished, check back later! I'll also certainly be adding more as time goes on.

Status Article
- Continuous Integration
Done Google Cloud Build: Basics
- Database
Done Google Cloud Firestore Basics - Python
- Containers
Done Google Container Registry: Basics
Not Started Kubernetes on Google Cloud
- Cloud Storage
Done Hosting websites on Cloud Storage

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