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Thu 05 September 2019

Working with JSON SQL values in Python

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Often I need to operate on a huge JSON string that's saved in a MaraiDB database. Here's how I do that.

It needs to be said that raw SQL queries like this are generally a bad idea compared to something like SQLAlchemy's ORM. Having said that, this example is way smaller and more portable.

The way this works is you open up an interactive python session, ideally in a virtualenv. Set the variable values at the top. Run the two functions as needed. In another window/pane, edit the JSON files.

Another option is to use jq with interactive MySQL commands. I'm not covering that in this post, though.

Environment setup

This is best done in a venv if mysql-connector doesn't need to be installed on the base system.

pip install mysql-connector

The code

It's not a bad idea to write this into a parameterized CLI or whatever. I just run this in an interactive python shell in a dedicated window/pane.

import json
import mysql.connector as mariadb

# Fill in the blanks
db_host= ''  # IP address
db_port = 3306
db_username = ''
db_password = ''
db_name = ''
table_name = ''
column_name = ''
where = ''  # (optional) where = 'WHERE `x` == 1'

def save_to_file(filename):
    """Read the json data from the database, save to filename"""
    conn = mariadb.connect(host=db_host, port=db_port, user=db_username,
                           password=db_password, database=db_name)
    cursor = conn.cursor()
    read_query = 'SELECT {} from {}{}'.format(column_name, table_name, where)
    data = cursor.fetchone()[0]
    jdata = json.dumps(json.loads(data), indent=4, sort_keys=True)
    with open(filename, 'w+') as out_file:

def update_from_file(filename):
    """Read data from filename, write to database"""
    with open(filename) as json_file:
        jdata = json.load(json_file)
    data = json.dumps(jdata)
    conn = mariadb.connect(host=db_host, port=db_port, user=db_username,
                           password=db_password, database=db_name)
    cursor = conn.cursor()
    update_query = "UPDATE {} SET {} = '{}'{}".format(table_name, column_name,
                                                      data, where)


From an interactive python terminal, paste the above script in.

Then to save the file, run something like:


Then you can update the file using an editor vi /home/kyle/sqldata.json.

Back in the Python terminal, you can then push the data back up.


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