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Wed 27 November 2019

Project: AWS Deep Dive

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This project is a "Deep Dive": In a Deep Dive project I'll be investigating as much about the subject as time allows and assembling the posts in some orderly fashion. I'll also be writing high-level notes and opinions in the project page itself.

In this project I'll be trying out each of AWS's services. I'll be updating it pretty regularly.

Table of contents:

Project Posts & Progress

This project includes, or will include, the following posts. If any aren't finished, check back later! I'll also certainly be adding more as time goes on.

Status Article
- Running Servers on AWS
Done Create & Terminate EC2 Instances from Python
- Running Containers on AWS
Done Save a Docker image to Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
Done Run a Docker container Using AWS Fargate
Done CodePipeline: Continuous Delivery to AWS ECR
Not Started Running Kubernetes on AWS
- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
WIP - Paused Amazon Workspaces: Basics
- Cloud Storage
Done Using AWS S3 from Python
- Serverless Applications
Done Lambda basics
Done IAM for Lambda
Done IAM Authentication using API Gateway
Done CodeBuild CICD: Deploy to Lambda

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