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Fri 25 October 2019

Vim Spell-Check

Posted by Kyle Pericak in development   

As of Vim7, spell-checking is a built-in feature.

The spell checker will highlight incorrectly spelled words in red. Light blue highlights indicate words which are only found in another dictionary (such as "color" from en_us).



Enable spellcheck

  • set for all buffers, setlocal for the current one
  • en_ca will use Canadian spelling.
:set spell spelllang=en_ca
:setlocal spell spelllang=en_ca

Or if you're not picky, the spelllang argument can be omitted. I'm not sure what the default is, but I figure it's probable en which uses all the English dictionaries together.

:set spell

Disable spellcheck:

:set nospell

Using Spell-Check

Move to the next misspelled word


previous misspelled word


Highlight a misspelled word. Show possible replacements. Press return with no input to go back.


Accept the spelling of a word:


Mark a word's spelling as wrong


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